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Name: Augustus
Age: 21
Gamertag: TheBraveExalted (XboxOne/360)

I like Tattoos.

My Face <-- my face (IT'S INVISIBLE)

Need even more to do? Upcoming events for Destiny.


Need even more to do? Upcoming events for Destiny.


Oh look, art.

It’s been a while folks, but the reasons for why are neither here nor there at the moment. What’s important is that I’m starting to find my art groove again and trying hard to get back into it.

Sadly, having fallen off the face of the planet and the art wagon for almost two months has left merather rusty. As the above proves, though I was never good with drawing men anyways D: Still have a lot of dust to knock off before I feel like I’m back to some basic semblance of my ‘skill’ *hahayea* from before. 

But well, got to check out a little DESTINY yesterday with my best friend and took this screen grab of us. Felt like doodling up some sketchy portraits at lunch today. Iwellam always way to critical of my own work so I’ll spare you all the self deprecation D: 

Now I just need to get my muse and motivation back to do more.

I wasn’t talking to you, little light.

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How many multiplayer maps are there in Destiny?

BECAUSE IT SEEMS TO ME THEY DIDN’T ADD ANYTHING FROM THE GODDAMN BETA! Literally all the maps I played were in the beta, was kinda hoping for something new. Maybe one day…

Anyway this game is amazing.



DESTINY// Fan-made posters.
I've made these to celebrate that the game is OUT NOW!

Five long goddamn hours.