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Hello, I'm Augustus. 20, currently in Colorado. I love all things gaming, and enjoy quite a bit of anime.

Talk to me if you'd like, i'm friendly enough.

gamertag: TheBraveExalted feel free to add and let's play together :)

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Okay, can someone explain to me how everyone seems to know who EVERY character in the line up at the end of the new Dragon Age gameplay trailer is? Iron Bull, Cullen, wtf, I’ve played both games and i’ve never heard of most of those characters. I’m just really jelly and want to get in touch with my dragon age lore. 

Inquisition looks amazing though and I can’t wait to be a Mage. <3


i mean im not saying the inquisitor will probably die at the end to save us from the demons

but im saying the inquisitor might die at the end to save us from the demons


One last PDS before my son is here. Just for you, Nation!


dragon age: inquisition - first-released classes

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